Car Guy Neon Busted Knuckle Clock 20" USA / Style 3

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USA Made Neon Automotive Garage Clocks with old school vintage carguy looks for your man cave.  No disappointments. Highest Quality & Reliability available.

Features a spun aluminum black case, glass face and a separate on/off switch for the white neon lamp. (100,000 hours of neon, that's 11 years continuous running!)

Measures a large 20" in diameter and 5" deep. 

8' Power Cord, Chain Pull for Lamp

Limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship; runs on 110 Volt AC.

Several Car Guy Styles to Choose From....Check 'Em All Out!

We've been selling these clocks for over 15 years; Never a Return, Never a Complaint, you have our word on it.

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Looking for something smaller?  Check out our BKG-76600 for a 12" alternative.

Proudly Made in the USA

The Best Buy in Genuine Neon Automotive Shop Clocks