Fender Cover Ford Hotrods

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Had enough fun crawling around on your garage floor looking for that one of a kind nut you just dropped?  Or why is it that towel I duct taped to my fender ruined my paint job?  Solve the both problems with our non-slip Fender Gripper as endorsed by Jay Leno and his boys at the Big Dog Garage.  This Fender Gripper not only stays put on the fender but also hangs on to your tools, nuts, bolts, screws and other precious parts.  Impervious to gas, oil, solvents and chemicals it also protects your vehicle from the insult of a wandering belt buckle.  Wash with mild soap and water and the world is a perfect  place.   Although most of our customers only have one fender on their car, buy two and save a trip around the front end of your sled.  Attractively boxed for gifting!



Made In The USA

Endorsed by Jay Leno & his BIG DOG Garage.  Thank you Jay!