The Beginnings of the Busted Knuckle Garage - Chapter 10

   I no longer had a Triumph TR-4 (should've bought the Bugeye Sprite for the same price) sold!  And I no longer had to worry about purchasing a case of Castrol GTX every month.  So I'm invited to ride on the back of my friend's  Honda 350 Scrambler for a cruise north on California 101.  I didn't really take in a lot of that ocean front scenery as I was rather fixated on the size of the tires on the 18 wheelers that we passed and my imagination was going to a bad place.  I'm not sure a street bike would be my best choice for transportation.  But as fate would have it....and perhaps as the way my buddy Chris wanted it, just days later I (we?) answered an ad in the "Santa Barbara News Press".  Some guy was selling a '73 Honda CB Scrambler for....roll the drums...$300.  This was a four year old motorcycle friends.  My how things have changed. 

  So back on the back of Chris' CB Scrambler and we head over to take a look.  And taking a look was all that I did and when the seller finally asks "want to take it for a test drive", well, I think I made sure I was looking at my shoes or back over my shoulder or perhaps a cat in a tree. I looked at everything I could besides the seller. Chris jumps on that opportunity and moments later he came back with a look that said "I redlined it in every gear and you need to buy this bike today."   I did buy it, easy cash money.  It was mine.  Now I had to drive it home down Highway 101 and into downtown Santa Barbara. And did I mention that the sun had already set?  I am  hear to tell anyone listening, you don't learn how to ride a motorcycle by reading a book.  Whoa buddy...a few stalled gears, an unintentional wheely and I was home safe.  Couldn't sleep, I was buzzed.  Woke up in the morning, called in sick (Sears Automotive service writer at La Cumbre Plaza) and took the day off to teach myself how to ride with abandon.  Been hooked ever since.