The Beginnings of the Busted Knuckle Garage - Chapter 12

  And so the beginning of the end for this phase of life in So-Cal "back in the day".  On an open invitation from some buddies riding motorcycles back east, several of us hit the open road and prayed to keep the shiny side up on a cross-country sojurn. An odd collection of small displacement Hondas and one handsome black/silver BMW R90S road bike (which I coveted..more on that later).  However, there was one stop of great importance.  A stop that I eventually would devote 14 years of my adult life to.  That stop was the Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona.

  Frittering awas the summer back home painting houses and driving an "on loan" '66 Chevy Wagon, I save enough bucks to purchase a full size '64 Ford Custom with a straight six and cruise-o-matic transmission.  0-60 performance?  Days.   Knowing that this would be my home on wheels heading back west, I removed the back and installed a custom hinged wooden bed done up in a wonderful blue and white shag (this is the 70's friend, be kind).  A nice pair of Jensen speakers and a TDK cassette deck.  Time to cruise and all done under $300 car included. Ah, those were the days.

  Got as far as the continental divide in Colorado and began to wonder if my ol' Ford Custom had enough horsepower to get to the western slope.  A little overheating along the way was remedied with a tube of Barsleak and my only available coolant....awesome fresh pressed apple cider from a mill back in NY.  No major wrenching, no Busted Knuckles.   Back to Santa Barbara to upgrade my Honda 350 to a Honda CB 500 and contemplate my next move.  (Small world note upon returning to California...turns out the cook at Sambos (remember those restaurants), well his mother is the woman I bought my Ford Custom from.  He came out to see the car and gave it a positive ID.  We shared the same hometown. Go figure.)

  Said Ford shown in photo below.  Notice the tin worms at work on the bumper.  Radio station still broadcasting although the programming / music has likely changed.