The Beginnings of the Busted Knuckle Garage - Chapter 14

And so a commitment to three month’s of employment turns into three years.  Time flies when you’re having a good time and all that jazz.  Aside from having managed the South Rim’s Full Service Chevron Station, I also spent time at the Public Garage where we had 3-4 mechanics on staff.  All of whom would run to lunch or a coffee break when an RV entered the parking lot.  We also had a lot of fun buying cheap cars from European tourists who would land in L.A., buy the crummiest used car they could and ultimately get to the Grand Canyon….with the last 60 miles of the life of the car being driven in a hurry without oil.  Lots of money to make on the side when you hear the rod knock and the heavy euro accent of “Easy to fix?”.  Sorry man, hope you’ve got your title with you.


The Public Garage also provided wrecker service in and around the area. One of my favorite (?) tow calls was a Ranger requesting a tow truck out East Rim Drive where a tourist had put a car over the edge. Much to my relief when I arrived I found a Japanese family of four standing with the Ranger by the road, completely unscathed.  The car had gone over maybe 30-40’, one roll and lodge against a tree. They climbed up and out, apparently unhurt.  The car looked like a crumpled beer can.  When I chocked up and dragged the hook off the winch, the “renter” looked at me and in broken English says “Be very careful, rental car.”   Hmmmm, more fun stories to come from Grand Canyon and servicing cars.


Keep it between the ditches?  Keep it out of THE ditch.  Grand Canyon and car, circa 1914.