The Beginnings of the Busted Knuckle Garage - Chapter 4

Aside from the mile long line up of cars being rationed gas back in 1973, the corporate types decided upon re-badging the Esso stations across the country with the new name of Exxon.  It was right about that time that I took a job at the old Winton & East "Esso" station in Rochester, NY....a move to the city and away from the Hess suburbs.  I was a bit bummed about missing the name of "Esso" on the uniforms but hey, we still had the cool tiger logo and we still offered promotional items to our customers.  One thing this station had over my previous experience was that we performed "real" repairs from oil changes to engine swaps. All done by two seasoned wrenches by the humble names of Joe & Eddie. And a bonus, we had car lifts...OMG to be a teenager into cars and have a lift available.  Talk about Nirvana!  My ability to get my own car on the lift was delayed a bit however as one day we put an ol' 50's something up on the rack for a brake job and while it was going up, it was coming down.  The Upstate NY road salt had done its magic and rotted the entire underside of the car away.  It slowly listed to the right and eventually slid on it's passenger side between the lift and the manager's office door, pinning him inside his closet sized HQ for hours.  That was the day I learned where the expression "Mad Italian" came from.  After we "released"  him from his paperwork heaven, new policies were put in place before cars could go on a lift.  I checked the frame on my California bred Triumph Spitfire.  I was good to risk.  More to come....

1964 Triumph Spitfire / Black plate California Car with factory hardtop purchased for $750 off a used car lot in Greece, NY ca 1974.