The Beginnings of the Busted Knuckle Garage - Chapter 5

And as much fun as it was to stand outside in the Upstate NY winter and perform full service for customers (check oil, check tires, clean front & rear windows...) I had an offer to move on (not necessarily up) to the world of "tire busting".  My takeaways from working at the Exxon station were that I learned the importance of memorizing a customer's name and car history.  I also developed somewhat of a "bartender's ear" when it came to resolving any customer complaints we might have and coupled that with an ability to resolve any issues and retain their business.  Simple stuff maybe but I apply it to my business today on almost a constant basis for it's true that doing the right thing is always good business.

With that said, my good buddy invited me over to his place of employment a few blocks away; Lewis General Tire, founded in 1919 and still in business today.  I signed up in early October and was about learn everything there was about tires, alignments, split rims and recapped cheapie snow tires (and the public panic that takes place upon the first snowfall).