The Beginnings of the Busted Knuckle Garage - Chapter 9

 So I'm here today to tell you that if you should ever lack a torque wrench for your ol' British TR-4, please know that a 3/4" tire iron from the trunk of a mid-60's Nova will do the trick.  I met these Hari-Krishna wanderers at the gas pump as I was attempting my escape from Halloran Springs, CA.  Sure, I had to do some chanting with these generous gypsies of the road but much like manna from heaven, my "torque wrench" arrived.  On to Las Vegas and catch a flight for the wedding.  Back to Sin City just weeks later, gambled (it's Vegas afterall) on a used TR-4 motor for the price of $150.00 (for real).  And in another twist of fate, I had located a childhood friend living in town who just happened to have an interest in old cars and a toolbox to prove it.  That in itself another story about the power of coincidence and chance events.  I'm now motoring this old Triumph back to Santa Barbara, California and thinking about just how many For Sale signs is it gonna' take to get this pride of the British Empire sold?

 Not knowing what was lying ahead if and when the car sold, my ol' buddy greeted me back at Hotel California and was all smiles about this thing, this motorcycle he just bought...a Honda CB 350 Scrambler.  He saw it as "the" go-to lifestyle vehicle of choice if you were going to live in Southern Cal.  For me,  I had never been on a motorcycle in my life.  They weren't even conversation pieces.  But boy howdy were things about to change.  Up on two wheels....

Here's Halloran Springs today....not really a destination then, not one now.